The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the animal kingdom’s greatest creatures, both big and small.  Allow our private plane to whisk you away the Great Bear Rainforest or even further north to see the great white belugas of the Arctic!



Explore the Animal Kingdom

Truly see them wild and free. Whales, black bears, bald eagles, sea lions, seals, elks, grizzly bears, wolves, dolphins and more!  The world around us is full of life, and it’s their world as much as it is ours! Take a visit to the wild wild lands and say hello to our friends of the animal world.

More Chances to Encounter

With our private plane and customized tours, we have the flexibility to take you on a journey that gives you an immersive, wildlife experience.  You’re not grouped with a large tour of visitors, and not traveling the beaten path animals have long learned to avoid. When you travel privately with Airscape, you’ll have far more chances to witness these animals in their natural habitat.

Exploring Safely

Our Airscape experts will ensure you’re fully equipped with professional guides and equipment. Rest easy knowing Airscape has every detail covered. Airscape’s private plane and expert tour planning allows you to travel safely in an intimate setting and truly experience the wildlife of the Pacific Northwest.

Customize your own tour!

Do you have something specific in mind that we don’t offer currently?
Let us know how we can help you create your own customized dream escape.

One Guest's Experience

Take a look at Brendan and Sarah’s sport fishing and kayaking trip to Alaska

Brendan and Sarah came to Airscape enthusiastically, telling us they love the ocean and the seas, and being with the orcas and the wildlife of the waters! Airscape designed a trip for them to Alaska, which included sport fishing in the secluded village of Sitka, Alaska, and kayaking with the orcas along the coasts of the Pacific Northwest.

In a trip that would have otherwise taken 7.5 hours each way, but they boarded the Airscape plane and arrived by lunchtime! Instead of planning a week’s time to make this trip, Brendan and Sarah were able to accomplish this faraway trip over a 3-day long weekend. They even brought their catch home to Vancouver at the end of the weekend, and enjoyed them for dinner at home that night!

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