The world is yours to explore, and many of its best sights are within a few hours or even less from Vancouver! We’ve designed many of the most incredible sightseeing adventures and tours in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. From wild running rivers to the majestic coast of the pacific, this is a curated list of the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

Immersed in the Sights

Seeing is believing, and Airscape Tours can take you to the most incredible sights within hours of Vancouver.  Imagine a western cowboy rodeo, or orca whales along the coast, or perhaps flying over the plains of elks, bears and Canadian wildlife.

You’re in Excellent Care

Airscape’s private plane and fully tailored solution makes it possible for you to not only take a trip with much less travel time and on your own schedule, but also rely on our travel expertise to sort out the bookings, trip options and other time-consuming matters.

Unique Sights with Luxury & Comfort

Airscape sights are unique and unforgettable! With private travel, you’re able to access places far from the well beaten tourist path.  Enjoy the surreal and pristine landscapes the Pacific Northwest has to offer, without the crowds and chaos of typical sightseeing!


Customize your own tour!

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One Guest's Experience

Check out Vince & Gail's story of how they chose Airscape Tours for their northern lights experience!

When Vince and Gail embarked on a search for an arctic experience to witness the northern lights, they were perplexed. The options they found were all very commercialized, and you had to be grouped with many other tour mates. What they wanted was a private experience so that they can truly engage with nature, see the sights of aurora borealis, and embrace the wildness of the north without distractions.  Moreover, the tours they found were on set times, and could not guarantee seeing the sights before they left. This is when they decided to reach out to Airscape, and we designed a very flexible trip for Vince and Gail.

With their trip, the idea was to adjust all activities around the aurora borealis, and they’d stay for as long as they want at night wherever we went to see the skies.  We lined up day-time activities like dog-sledding and snowshoeing, and arranged food that they can enjoy for the long nights out on the fields as they looked to the stars and colours dance up above. Luckily for Vince and Gail, they got to witness a fantastic array of colours on their first night, and enjoyed the most wonderful display of northern lights! Flying home on Airscape’s private plane, they also saved hours from their travel time without the hassle of connections and boarding wait times.

Surely a trip with time well spent!

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