When you are out on the waters, does it make you feel like you’re in another world? Are you the type that feels at one with the seas? Airscape offers many tours that take you to the oceans and explore the wonders of the water world.

Endless Possibilities

From glaciers and wildlife, to sports and cruises, there are so many ways to experience the oceans and the seas. The variety is endless and you have so many options! Perhaps sport fishing off the Pacific Northwest, dip into the cold Arctic ocean, kayak with orca whales, or witness the melting icebergs.

Canadian Waters & Coastlines

Did you know that Canada has the longest coastline in the world? From the Pacific to the Arctic, it is mother nature’s best gift to Canada. From the warm Pacific waters with abundant salmon, to the icy Arctic waters where belugas reign, the ocean offers many new frontiers beyond its surface tides.

Transporting to Secluded Places

Our ocean destinations can be difficult to access through commercial flights however, our Pilatus is able to deliver you directly to many of these hard to reach places. Land directly on a beautiful and secluded beach with Airscape, or fly to the Arctic on an adventure of a lifetime!


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