The greatest experiences are those shared with loved ones! Make dreams come true for your family and friends with these travel ideas designed to create a special experience for your family and loved ones. Spend precious time with one another in a memorable way.

Precious Moments Together

Imagine being at a luxury remote seaside escape, just you and your family. Or picture yourself at an exclusive countryside ranch that brings you and your family back to simpler times. Whether it’s a relaxing quiet getaway or a trip fun-filled with activities, our travel solutions have your family in mind.


Kayaking, horseback riding, fishing or just a simple cottage weekend, Airscape Tours has travel experts that source out the best and most enjoyable activities for all ages.

We’ll Be There Soon!

Maximize on this precious time with your family by letting us take care of all the details! Airscape will organize every last detail and get you and your family to your destination faster than what’s possible through commercial routes.

Customize your own tour!

Do you have something specific in mind that we don’t offer currently?
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One Guest's Experience

Check out John & Lydia’s recent weekend trip to Echo Valley Ranch for a family bonding weekend!

For John and Lydia, the idea of planning family trip was daunting, and even when that happens, managing the kids and the logistics of the trip was enough to make them think twice.  But that’s until they came to talk to us at Airscape.

John and Lydia wanted a trip so that kids can explore and have fun, and the whole family can spend precious bonding time and have a memorable experience together.  More importantly, they don’t want the hassle of scheduling, finding directions, looking for restaurants on the spot, and making decisions that everybody likes.  That’s all Airscape’s expertise!  We planned a 3-day getaway for John and Lydia’s family.  On a May long weekend, they brought their kids to Vancouver International Airport and were airborne aboard Airscape’s private plane in no time, and arrived at Echo Valley Ranch in just 45 minutes for a trip that would have taken close to 6 hours to drive!  The family spent the next few days exploring the valley, hiking, water rafting, fly fishing, horseback riding, and enjoying the pristine natural settings and enjoying the food sourced locally on the farm.

Needless to say, it was pure bonding time for John and Lydia’s family. Flying home to Vancouver on the Airscape plane, the consensus was clear: it was a perfect getaway without the issue of travel time and the hassle of planning… a perfect vacation!

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