Get your heart pumping with the excitement of our Adventurous tours!  Airscape’s adventurous tours offer many new and inventive ways to explore the sights while putting to the test your more daring side.

Your Adventurous Side

There are many ways to experience the world, and we offer you many incredible ways to bring out your adventurous self! From the more daring activities to more physically active experiences, our adventure tours are custom designed to suit your needs. What’s your definition of adventure?

Many Ways to be Adventurous

Hiking, rafting, sport-fishing, dog-sledding, and so many ways to explore. We’ll bring you wherever your imagination takes you!

Ample Time to Enjoy

Often the most unique adventures are too far away and too time consuming to get to, but that’s where Airscape can make it possible! With our private plane, you will fly directly to destinations where you can do sport fishing off Alaskan coast, see the aurora borealis in the north arctic, witness the salmon river run and more, all without the hassle of commercial flight routes, transfers and transit wait times.

Customize your own tour!

Do you have something specific in mind that we don’t offer currently?
Let us know how we can help you create your own customized dream escape.

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