Are you ready to get your body moving and explore the world with us? Our selection of active tours will fly you to the most exotic and exciting places!

Level of Activity

From hiking to biking, you will be fully engaged in a combination of sport and travel. Our fully-customizable tours are designed to your fitness and activity goals, and each of our Active tours are rated on their physical demands.  You decide how active you want to be.

Fully Equipped

Whether it’s a cycling tour or an ice hiking adventure, we make sure you have the equipment you need. Our goal is to provide you with a worry-free solution where you can simply hop on the plane and have a good time.

Truly Embrace the Adventure

When you’re on a tour bus, how much can you truly experience the new frontier that you’re visiting? You know you can’t get that level of immersion into the sights and sounds if you don’t actively participate in every step of the way and every breath of the effort. By choosing an active tour, we give ‘breathtaking’ a multitude of definitions.

Challenge Your Mind

You’re no longer just sightseeing when you take an active tour. You’re sight-adventuring. To really appreciate the swiftness of a current, or feel how small you are in a world of mountains, you must put let your mind experience the touch and feel of the elements.

Customize your own tour!

Do you have something specific in mind that we don’t offer currently?
Let us know how we can help you create your own customized dream escape.

One Guest's Experience

Check out our friend Paul’s recent weekend trip to Adams River for white water rafting!

When Paul came to us, he was eager to witness the Salmon Run at Adams River. Paul is a busy business executive and wanted to accomplish this trip over a weekend… an impossible task if it weren’t for our private plane. By flying from Vancouver to Adams River, he was able to save the travel time by XX hours. Within (time of flight), he was able to fly out from YVR directly to XXX on a Saturday morning, and by noon, Paul was already standing on the banks of Adams River, in awe of the river’s red colours and the salmon jumping above one another.

Paul wrapped up the weekend with a white water rafting experience and explored the region’s forests. By Sunday evening, Paul was back in YVR with his family, and accomplished the incredible trip in less than 48 hours without feeling any sense of hurriedness.  With our private flight, a fully customized schedule and with our travel and accommodations fully taken care of, Paul finally enjoyed a trip on his bucket list – quickly and comfortably.

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