Salmon River Run

See one of nature's most spectacular wonders, witnessing the salmon river run right from the shores of the Adams River.

A natural Canadian phenomenon

Witness the natural miracle at the world famous Adams River Salmon Run.  Every year, for the first three weeks in October, the mighty Sockeye Salmon return to their breeding grounds in astonishing numbers. Some years, the river “runs red” with millions of sockeye sporting their techni-colour spawning coats as they return from the ocean to spawn.

A local expert and representative from the Adams River Salmon Society will guide you through the facts and stories of salmon run. Take in this quintessential Canadian wonder in just one day, travelling by private plane to a landing strip only minutes from the Adams River.

On the tour, we will also bring you to enjoy the sights of Little Shuswap and dine at the famous Jack Sam’s Restaurant, where you’ll enjoy food from a 100-mile menu of foods grown within 100 miles locally.  This is a trip for nature lovers looking to see the glory of wildlife in action, from the migration of salmon run to the majestic site of eagles flying above, as well as potential hikes and walks around the area’s centerpiece: Shuswap Lake.

With an emphasis on the freshest high-quality ingredients and locally inspired culinary traditions, the Quaaout Lodge flavours each dining experience with the accents of our wilderness surroundings. A warm and intimate ambiance combined with views of Little Shuswap Lake and friendly service merge to make every meal a true sensory experience.

This Tour Includes:

  • Flight on Private Plane
  • Luxury transportation to/from the best viewing area at Roderick Haig-Brown Park
  • Gourmet lunch at the Quaaout Lodge
  • Entry Fees

1-Day Adventure

Depart YYR South Terminal. 8:30 am
Arrive at Skwlax Field. 9:15 am
Arrive at Adams River Salmon viewing, Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park where you'll be greeted by your private guide for the day. 9:45 am
“100-Mile” Lunch at Jack Sam’s Restaurant at Quaaout Lodge. 12:00 pm
Free time to explore the resort, marvel at the salmon, or relax on the shores of Little Shuswap Lake. 1:30 pm
Depart for airplane. 4:15 pm
Arrive back at YVR. 5:30 pm

This is a sample itinerary. All trips are customizable to your schedule and your desires! Talk to us about your dream vacation and we’ll take care of it for you.

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