Northern Lights Polar Spectacle

Have you seen the night sky dance in a wonderous array of colours? This is a natural yet surreal experience that one must in their lifetime.

Experience the Arctic’s Dancing Emerald Skies

Discover mother nature in a whole new light. The night sky is perpetually silent and dark, but when the northern lights reveals itself, the skies come alive with brilliant colours that can only be described as a symphony that eyes can see.

About Northern Lights Polar Spectacle

Traveling from Vancouver to Whitehorse, you can expect a winter exploration that is exhilarating for all the sights and adventures! This is truly a check mark for that bucket list in your mind.  Chasing the northern lights is an adventure on its own, as it is not predictable and your passion for the chase is part of the fun.  Allow the Northern Lights to take you by surprise, as you watch the skies suddenly burst from total darkness to a wide expanse of neon waves!

When you’re in the Yukon, the winter adventure options are endless. During the day, you can explore the Canadian arctic and the spectacular winter wonderland, guided by local experts in the area, taking in the many activities like dog-sledding, cross country skiing, snowmobile riding, ice fishing, hiking and more. Taste the local fare including elk, caribou, Arctic char and more! This unique, northern adventure is one you’re unlikely to ever forget!

This Tour Includes:

  • Flight on Private Plane
  • Transportation to/from Whitehorse and all activities
  • Accommodations
  • Activities
  • Meals

3-Day Adventure

Day 1
Departure from YVR. 9:00 am
Arrive at Sky High Wilderness Ranch in Whitehorse. 12:00 pm
Ranch orientation & lunch. 1:00 pm
Spend the afternoon snowshoeing and taking in the beauty of the Yukon. 2:00 pm
Venture into the town of Whitehorse to take in the local sights and enjoy a nice dinner. 5:00 pm
Sky High Wilderness Ranch Overnight
Day 2
Depart for mushing with the ranch’s own huskies! Breakfast and lunch provided while on your husky adventure. 7:00 am
Warm up and rest at the ranch. 3:00 pm
Dinner under the Northern Skies. 6:00 pm
Weather permitting, venture out to see the spectacle of the aurora borealis northern lights. 8:00 pm
Sky High Wilderness Ranch Overnight
Day 3
Breakfast. 7:00 am
Cuddle with the ranch’s husky puppies before your departure! 8:00 pm
Depart Whitehorse for Vancouver. 10:00 am
Arrive at YVR. 1:00 pm

This is a sample itinerary. All trips are customizable to your schedule and your desires! Talk to us about your dream vacation and we’ll take care of it for you.

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