Arctic Watch Wilderness Experience

Embark on an expedition to the cold wild world of the Canadian Arctic, and get up close and personal with the distant Northwest Passage.

Life is Different 500 Miles North of Arctic Circle

On the shores of the Northwest Passage in Nunavut, everything is sensational and magical as you’ve never seen it in person, and most people won’t in their lifetimes. It almost seems undiscovered. But look further and channel your inner explorer. The Arctic is just as much an existence of our world as the bustling cities we live in.

About Arctic Watch Wilderness Experience

We’ll bring you to the most northerly established lodge in the world, and from here, you will begin to experience a new frontier: the vast expanse of the Arctic. In fact, it’ll be so remote, you are 50 miles from the nearest town. Yet the accommodations will be great and you’ll have expert guides so that you can enjoy your trip confidently and comfortably.

Arriving at the Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge, you will be greeted by an assuring establishment of expertise and friendly smiles. The Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is fully staffed by a range of professionals to guide you on your trip, including mountaineers, guides, photographers and biologists.

With access to Cunningham Inlet, your trip will begin with a beluga whale observation, and as many as two thousand whales will come to nurse their young and molt their skin! Similarly, this is your chance to bewilder the wonderment of muskox, polar bears, arctic foxes, and go hike, ATV and kayak for those who are more physically adventurous. The land may seem bare and wide at first, but you’ll soon discover the endless activities… paddle boarding in the arctic waters, wildlife viewing, fly fishing, visiting an archaeological site. May we suggest even a midnight sunny swim? Either way, you will find yourself in awe and thinking why you’ve waited so long to be here!

This Tour Includes:

  • Flight on Private Plane
  • Local Transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Activities
  • Meals

7-Day Adventure

Day 1
Departure from YVR. 7:00 am
Arrive in Yellowknife. 11:00 am
Spend a few hours touring the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre followed by a locally sourced gourmet lunch. 1:00 pm
Depart Yellowknife for the Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge. 4:00 pm
Gourmet dinner and lodge orientation. 6:00 pm
Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge Overnight
Days 2-6
Your journey begins with a hands-on introduction of to the all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s!) which will help transport you to the Arctic’s greatest hidden treasures and sites. Spend the next 5 days immersed in the Arctic Experience of a lifetime on professionally-guided tours which give you access to rare sightings of beluga whales, nesting peregrine falcons, muskox, polar bears, ring seals and more! All-Day Excursions
Day 7
Breakfast. 8:30 am
Revisit a specific area or try any activity which may have been missed in days prior. 9:30 am
Depart for Vancouver via Yellowknife. 3:30 pm
Arrive at YVR. 10:00 pm

This is a sample itinerary. All trips are customizable to your schedule and your desires! Talk to us about your dream vacation and we’ll take care of it for you.

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