The arctic is one of the least explored areas of the world. Besides its distance, it is also raw and unestablished, harshly frozen, and is often an expedition that is hard to accomplish. It’s not easy to get to on your own.

Our professional team is highly-skilled and experienced in flying to the Arctic region and planning a tour that is customized to your needs and comfort level.

The Expertise of Northern Travel

The northern region is beautifully untouched, and that itself is worth the adventure. But its amazing sights are difficult and not always safe to explore on your own. Our tours are designed by experts of the region, and our guides and pilots are not only highly skilled and experienced in getting you to experience the region safely, but also have the know-how to take you on the best possible adventures when you’re there.

Feel the Power of Raw Natural Landscapes

When you see how small your plane is against the soaring polar mountain ranges, you will feel just how raw and enormous our landscapes can be. Venture to the less-beaten paths of the north, and discover the wide unforgiving terrain of glaciers, arctic wildlife, unobstructed and unpolluted skies, and an expanse of timelessness that you can only feel by standing in the middle of it all.

Excite Your Senses to the Ends of Terrain

The cold, dry, windy and biting conditions of the northern region can be extremely exciting to your physical challenges! Whether you want to witness the aurora borealis, or get active with some dog sledding in Whitehorse, the northern and arctic region is a big playground for all your senses! See massive icebergs, witness the northern lights, search for polar bears, kayak through fjords and dip your toes into the waters, it is exciting to explore this far stretch of the world.

Once in a Lifetime Adventures, Now Possible

To get to the ends of the earth is not an easy task.  You normally fly to the nearest city and transfer your way through the lands until you reach your first destination. With Airscape, our private plane flies you directly to the destinations without the hassles of managing logistics of travel modes, and that means a lot. You can now explore the northern region according to your schedule and maximize your time to explore!

Customize your own tour!

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