The BC Interior has limitless options when it comes to adventures and sights to see. Imagine setting off every weekend to explore our province’s big backyard, fancying the many regions including Cariboo, Chilcotin, Okanagan, Shuswap, Kootenays, The Fraser Canyon, and many more fantastic choices for the next exciting vacation.

Every Kind of Natural Wonder

From ancient glaciers and soaring snowcapped mountains, to blue tranquil lakes and abundant waterfalls, the BC interior is a lush backdrop of diverse scenery. The region is home to many of the most adored wildlife including migratory birds, bears, wolves, salmon, elk and many more animals unique to the Pacific Northwest.  You will find a perfect setting for any activity, from hiking and fishing, to ranch retreats and ice-climbing, there is an option for everyone.

Boundless & Limitless Outdoor Activities

The possibilities are literally endless! Can you imagine jumping into a giant lake that is all yours to swim in, or ride a horse on a field that is yours to roam as far as the eyes can see? This is what the BC Interior is all about: feeling completely free and a sense of unbound luxury.  Enjoy your adventures with a new level of freedom: ski year-round on the highest mountains, entrench yourself into cowboy rodeo culture, golf in North America’s best courses, go white water rafting or catch a salmon run in the fall. It’s all yours to venture!

A Land Made for Mind, Body & Soul

Regardless of your desired activity level, the BC Interior is a place for your mind, body and soul. Get reconnected to nature, eat local ingredients sourced from 100-mile radius, and return yourself to unique perspectives and improved wellness.  Enjoy the local world-class wineries, ski the Rockies, explore native culture, immerse yourself into hot springs and lakes, and find yourself enjoying nature’s variety.

Traveling to BC’s Interior Simplified

Getting to the BC Interior is usually possible either by driving for hours, or flying commercially to a small city and finding your way through scheduled transfers. With Airscape, you fly on a private plane that has you directly to the destinations without the hassles of managing logistics of travel modes, and that means a lot. You can now explore the northern region according to your schedule and maximize your time to explore!

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