We asked Airscape to design a week-long trip for my family that includes a variety of activities where we can enjoy the natural settings of BC Interior, in a way that combines active sports and relaxation.  This was a challenge in many ways: logistics and scheduling, finding different availabilities for activities, and making it a smooth and enjoyable week. And we gotta say, Airscape totally delivered! From golfing to spa, and a wildlife spotting excursion, we had an opportunity to see the BC Interior in so many ways. My kids raved about the trip while my wife and I had an equally amazing time.

West Coast, Best Coast

There is a reason why we call it the Best Coast: it simply offers fun like no other place in North America! With its fiery sunsets over the horizons of the Pacific, and the wondrous terrain that only mother nature can build, the coast of the Pacific Northwest is simply a joy to explore. Not to mention our mild temperate weather and friendly people, we truly need to explore this area that is too convenient to us.

Short Hop from Vancouver

Vancouver is centrally located to access the wonders of the Pacific coast. A quick flight gets you up to the Queen Charlotte Islands or down to the Oregon seaside towns. With a private flight, you have the flexibility and option to take quick weekend trips to some of these fantastic destinations that otherwise take hours to get to, without the hassle of transfers and driving.

Luxury of the Sea

The ocean offers endless ways to explore and enjoy. You can escape to a luxury seaside resort that are gems to find, or golf with the stunning backdrop of ocean and beach. If you want more excitement, how about a trip to an Alaskan fishing town for a weekend of sport fishing where you’ll take home the catch? For the truly daring, what about kayaking with orca whales? The luxury is in how you can enjoy the ocean.

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