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Can I travel solo?

Of course you can! There is no restriction and our packages will be designed according to the number of passengers, including those who want a solo adventure with Airscape.

Can we bring our pets?

Absolutely!  This is one of the greatest advantages of travelling on a private plane – your four legged friends can join along in the fun and are not relegated to cargo travel or the kennel!

Can we change the scheduled activities during the trip?

The luxury of private travel is that you have flexibility! We will do what we can to accommodate your needs, and look at whether the schedule allows and if it is logistically possible. For certain activities, a pre-booking is needed, or if weather permits, or constrained to mother’s nature’s wishes. If you have a specific question about your trip, please contact us.

Can we customize our own tour?

Certainly! A tailored solution is what Airscape Tours offers. We customize trips per your needs and your schedule. The tours and destinations we have indicated on our website are simply ideas for inspiration. Airscape Tours designs a custom tour for each customer, please use our Custom Trip Inquiry to tell us about the trip of your dreams!

Do you offer trips for customers not based in Vancouver?

We welcome many visitors from outside Vancouver! Although we are popular with local residents from the Lower Mainland, we have served many customers from outside the region. We offer a lot of value to visitors as they do not often know the region well, and our customized private tours allow them to enjoy exploring our many destinations without the hassle of doing their own research and remotely coordinating the travel logistics in the area. Contact us if you’re visiting Vancouver and interested in a trip with Airscape Tours!

Do you provide the gear and equipment for the activities on our trip?

Yes! Airscape Tours is about making your trip as enjoyable as possible, and that means taking care of all the little details like sports equipment. Do you have a specific activity or a question in mind? Call us at 604-688-8999 or let us know via our Contact Us page!

How many people can join a tour?

Our Airscape plane sits a maximum of 8 guests with minimal luggage, and a maximum of 6 guests for trips which may require more gear and luggage. Based on the adventure you are looking to undertake, we can advise as to the maximum number of passengers for your trip.

How physically-demanding are your trips?

Our trips are tailored to your wishes and needs. We have the expertise to provide many options and design a bespoke trip for you that is as active or as relaxing as you’d like! If you are up to a challenge, we will certainly take you to the seas and the skies, but if you are looking for a more laid-back way of travel, we have no trouble finding a more comfortable way of getting there! Check out our different Travel Styles.

Why should we travel with a private plane?

The time saved! In some instances, you will save 2 days because you’re flying private to travel to and from the destination. There is no hassle of airport hassles and wait times, transfers between various commercial routes, and you will land at private airports closest to the destination on one single flight. Not to mention the luxury of the private flying experience! Learn more about our Private Plane.

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