How It Works

Starting from Vancouver, you will fly to the wonders of Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.  From the reaches of the arctic to the beauty of coastal US, this is a diverse region of beautiful scenery, rugged coastlines, diverse wildlife, soaring mountains and a feast of nature’s finest.

What’s Included in Every Airscape Tour

We mean it when we say everything is taken care of:

  • Expert assigned concierge
  • Travel on a private plane
  • Custom-designed travel and itinerary tailored to your needs
  • Private guides where requested
  • Transportation to/from airport
  • All transfers between travel points
  • Insider access to unique destinations, activities and accommodations
  • All entrance fees, activity fees, meals and taxes

Precious Travel Time

When you travel on a private plane, trips where you block off a day to travel can suddenly become accessible in minimal time. To illustrate simply:

DestinationAirscape Travel TimeTravelling Commercially
Bandon Dunes Golf Resort2 hours8 hours
Adams River Run1 hour 20 minutes3 hours 30 minutes
Sechelt20 minutesover 1 hour
Sitka, Alaska3 hours9 hours
Port Hardy1 hour4 hours
Spirit Bear Lodge2 hours 30 minutes10 hours

The hours of travel time saved means that you can fit more destinations into your busy schedule.  More time is spent travelling to and enjoying the sites the world has to offer, with less time spent planning, organizing and getting to the destination.

Eliminating the Hassle of Travel

With many of our unique destinations, if you want to travel commercially, they not only require hours of driving, but also transfers between flights, boat rides and coaches that add up to countless possibilities for travel chaos. With Airscape, you leave none of this to chance.

Pet-Friendly Vacation

There’s no need to put your pets in cargo when you travel on a private plane! How about bringing your dog with you on your next dream vacation?

Tailored with Expert Recommendations

Do you want to see the northern lights? Or stay at a specific ranch? Your dream vacation can be as general or as specific as you like.  Our job is to take care of you and make your dreams come true.  With our expertise in luxury travel and our insider connections to unique activities and destinations, we will ensure the trip is uniquely tailored to your needs.

Your Next Step

Whether you have an urge to travel and want to explore your options, or you have a dream vacation in mind and you’d like to explore the opportunity, your first step is to talk to us! You will be assigned to a friendly expert representative who can explore the possibilities with you.

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