Bespoke Travel with Airscape Tours

Based in Vancouver, Airscape Tours provides fully-customized luxury travel packages to unique experiences and hard-to-reach places with our private plane, so that you can travel to your dreams.

Expanded Horizons

Whether you want to escape to a luxury getaway, or explore the Pacific Northwest’s wilderness, Airscape Tours makes difficult-to-reach destinations possible by reducing the number of hours you need to travel and eliminating the hassle of ground transportation and transfer times, as well as the hassle of commercial flights.

Experience Matters

Airscape Tours has the most experienced pilots and travel guides and the most knowledgeable customer service team.  We have inside access to incredible destinations, and every detail of your trip is seamlessly crafted to perfection.

Excellent Service

Our unparalleled concierge service will plan your trip from start to finish. Starting from the moment you step out of your home to the destinations and activities, all you need to do is relax and let us take care of the rest.  We personally plan and tailor vacations to each customer’s needs, including all transport (ground and air), accommodations, meals, activities and more.  A quick golfing weekend in Bandon Dunes? A trip to the Arctic to watch the northern lights? Tell us what’s on your mind and we will make those dreams come true.

Explore in Luxury

Regardless of your preferred travel style, one thing is certain: you want quality. From travelling on a private plane, to having unique customized activities and the right choices in accommodations, you will travel with the highest luxury, expertise and personalization. Luxury means travelling the way you want, on an itinerary designed by the best, to effortlessly experience the extraordinary.

Customize your own tour!

Do you have something specific in mind that we don’t offer currently?
Let us know how we can help you create your own customized dream escape.

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